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Tuesday, December 5, 2023, 7.30 a.m
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IT Resourcing

Due to the nature of our business and our reliance on the best IT skills
available, we know where to find the skills, giving us the ability to provide a professional IT resourcing service to our clients including permanent and contracted placements.
application development

Application Development

We focus on developing tailored solutions addressing specific business requirements. We assist companies in numerous ways, including full system development life cycle.

integration development

Integration & BPM

Modern competitive organisations are digitally driven organisations. Digitally driven organisations are API driven and make integration a key competitive differentiator.


Power up your team

The right people, with the right skills at the right price! Flexibility and quality. These are the things our customers need from us. This is a team of a different sort, the people in this team are very much part of DeARX but they become as much a part of your team as ours. Keeping the balance across all stakeholders is what we strive for. Power up your IT team with DeARX.

Get integration agile

Now well established are agile dev teams, but we can’t afford our integration teams to be the bottleneck. The idea and the goal is to have our DevOps teams coding both applications and integrations to speed the release of integrations aligning to business needs. WSO2 is leading the industry in Agile Integration but it takes a lot more than most organisations are used to. 

Tech-enable your business needs

Technology can solve many business problems and if you have the right team you can do it cheaper and faster than you might think! The challenge is choosing the right technology and the right team and then actively working together targeting a common objective. Bring us your business problem or opportunity, we will show you how to make it real with technology, it’s what we do! Ask to talk to our customers.

Join the team

Whether it’s to be part of our application development team or to join our integration specialists or even to explore the teams of our customers as part of our resourcing arm; we want the best! Being from DeARX symbolises Quality IT Skill, Unquestionable Ethic, Team Player, Customer Focused and Passion for Your Craft. Interested? Then tell us what you got and we’ll tell you what we think.

WSO2 Named a Leader in The Forrester

Wave™: API Management Solutions, Q4

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The process of people, technology and teams.

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