Integration & BPM

Digitally driven organisations use integration to create differentiation

Integration has become a core pillar of the DeARX business and with 25% (and growing) of the internet’s traffic flowing through APIs its one of the hottest places to be. Not only have we been doing large integration projects for our customers for nearly 10 years, but our team of integration experts has continued to strengthen over this time. We have always been solution and services driven and technology independent.

A natural evolution has seen us grow closer and closer to the ever more impressive WSO2 Open Source Platform. All new client engagements still see us understand the problem and requirement, then design a concept solution and then apply the technology to the final design. In more cases than not though, where our customer is open to technology options, we find the WSO2 Platform works best.

What is WSO2?

WSO2 is an Open Source Enterprise Integration Technology Platform Provider

“WSO2 helps digitally driven organisations become integration agile”

The platform brings API Management, Enterprise Integration, Identity and Streaming together in a single architecture

The 3 biggest reasons our customers choose WSO2:

A single integrated platform removes complexity and increases speed

Open Source brings transparency, freedom, flexibility and affordability

Agile Integration means integration is no longer the bottleneck of software development

DeARX and WSO2

We started working with the WSO2 technology in 2014. This was driven by our solution focused approach which included ensuring we kept the cost as low as possible. Another key factor was that being open source it allowed our architects and engineers to have complete visibility of what was going on in the code which dramatically improves our ability to create an effective solution.

DeARX is one of the select group of partners with the status : “Platinum Valued Reseller”. Click here for more information.

Now, years later, we have completed many projects across multiple customers. The technology has proven itself time and again and our technical teams have gained tremendous experience making future projects more and more effective

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